Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ManPans Review

Recently I gave my husband the task of finding me new cookware to replace our old non-stick sauté pan that's starting to wear out. My sauté pan is the workhorse of the kitchen and I cook almost everything on it. After my husband did some extensive research (he's very good at it), he ended up buying me a set of "ManPans". I have never heard of the company before and was very skeptical of their claims. You can learn more about them here: http://www.manpans.com/pages/Features-and-Benefits.html

My husband told me to give them a shot since they have a 30 day guarantee and their prices are more reasonable than other premium cookware like All-Clad or Calphalon. He ended up buying me a new sauté pan and a wok because he didn't like the metal taste we get in foods cooked on our iron wok. The pans arrived today and I put them to work immediately. After rinsing with warm water and oiling up the pans, I stir fried some veggies on the wok and grilled some beef on the sauté pan. There were a few things I noticed immediately: (1) these pans heat up quick and retain heat better than my old cookware (2) the light weight of the pans allow for easy handling--why do they call it "Man" pans, these are great for women! (3) compared to non-stick, it's not as slick but much better than iron or stainless steel. (4) the handle is comfortable and stays cool; doesn't even get warm!

The flavor of the food did come out undisturbed like the company claims. With its ceramic coating, food doesn't react with the pans and does come out tasting better! What's also great is that the pans are free from chemicals that are used to make most non-stick pans. My husband was in charge of cleaning and his feedback is that they're no harder to clean than non-stick pans, though he has a concern about debris getting stuck in the handle because of all the grooves.

So my overall assessment is that these are wonderful pans on first impression. I don't know how durable the pans are and how good they'll be after a month or after a year. Hopefully they keep performing the way they do and I'll probably write another review sometime down the road.

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