Saturday, April 7, 2012

Menta Ramen in Santa Clara

There are quite a few ramen joints in my area--Kahoo, Orenchi, Misoya, and now most recently, Menta.  Menta Ramen just opened last week and is located within a walking distance from my house (same plaza as Thaibodia).  I went to check it out with my family today and I have to say it's decent.  The restaurant is relatively clean with decor similar to Misoya.  I ordered the Menta ramen, which is the tonkatsu broth.  On first taste, I can immediately tell that the broth is no comparison to Orenchi.  It's easy to tell the difference between broth that took an entire day to make and one that took only a few hours...this being the latter.  Noodles have the perfect consistency and the portion size is adequate.  My favorite ramen is still from Orenchi, but due to the price and wait, I think Menta provides a good alternative.  Since this place so close to home, I'll surely come back.

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