Tuesday, March 13, 2012

San Francisco Chinese Food Trek

After moving to the south bay for a few years, I feel like I am no different than a tourist whenever I have a chance to visit San Francisco.  Last Sunday, I was being a tourist again - waiting in line for the best dim-sum joint in the city and waiting in line for the best egg custards in Chinatown.

My family and I arrived at Hong Kong Lounge around noon. To my surprise, the line was not typically long. Perhaps it had to do with the spring forward time change and the rain in the morning. We were happily seated after waiting for 20 minutes.

A typical scene outside of Hong Kong Lounge on Geary St.

We ordered our usual plates: sui-mai, wrapped rice noodle, beef meatballs, etc. My favorite plate is less commonly accepted by others - the Durian pastry. It has a sulfur odor that many people would not like, but for me, this is a delicacy that I keep coming back to.  Hong Kong Lounge is one of the few places that can make it right.



After grabbing dim sum, we decided to bring my baby daughter to Chinatown for the first time. We walked along Grant Ave, and revisited those pretty gift shops selling oriental souvenirs. I actually have no idea how those shops can stay in business for years, because I've never seen anyone buying anything. 

As we walked toward Columbus Street on Grant Ave, there was a familiar smell coming from a seemingly rundown pastry shop. There's only one pastry shop on Grant Ave - the famous Golden Gate Bakery. Like any other tourists, we patiently waited behind 20 people for the baked goods. 

After buying the egg custards, we walked down to Tien Ren's Tea Time for some tapioca drinks. It was a good place to sit down and savor our fresh baked custards. Although Tien Ren doesn't have the best tapioca balls in town, the tea is undoubtedly excellent. I definitely like it better than other tapioca places in Chinatown. 

With a milk-tea tapioca and SF's most famous egg custard, my San Francisco food trek was complete! 

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